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A Fire-Dousing Week in Central Oregon

After a wacky weather week that featured two days with highs in the 40s (!) in September and 1.12 inches of non-thunderstorm precipitation, things are slowly starting to return to normal in Central Oregon thanks to the return of high pressure.

The anomalous trough that brought the unseasonable weather has slowly started to shift east (good riddance!) as shown by this water vapor image from late Friday afternoon. We’re now in between the high pressure system (H) in the eastern Pacific and the low (L) that is now moving into the northern Rockies. Our little gray dot, sandwiched in the middle, has a couple of more cool-ish days before a nice warm up commences on Monday.

High pressure coming again to Central Oregon

The water vapor doesn’t lie – high pressure will soon dominate our weather.

While 45 degree highs in September are not my idea of fun, the downpour and high elevation snow has put some serious hurt on the zillion or so wildfires that were burning just a few days ago. Ahh…back to our piercingly clear skies! Now that’s something else to be happy about on a Friday evening.






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