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How to Get the Best Local Weather Forecast

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Local weather forecasts are ubiquitous – it’s hard to visit any website without a three- or five-day forecast prominently displayed. The accuracy of these forecasts could be off, however, if the site has guessed wrong on your location.

The solution? A hyper-local weather forecast, pinpointed to your exact location, obtainable wherever and whenever you need it.

Your National Weather Service has a site that let’s you do just that – and it’s pretty easy to use. Here’s a how-to on getting the most local weather forecast available.

How to Get The “Most” Local Weather Forecast

  1. On your mobile device or computer, go hereenter your zip code and click or tap Go. A forecast for your general area will appear.
  2. Move or scroll down to the map and expand it so you can find your location (+/- on computer; pinch/zoom on phone).
  3. When you’ve zoomed in enough to find your desired location, tap or click it and the page will reload with your requested pinpoint local forecast. (Pro tip: Changing the map view from the default Topographic to Streets or Satellite will make it easier to find your mark.)
  4. Bookmark your freshly created hyper-local personal weather site. You’re done!

If you’re a weather nerd like me or just want the most local forecast you can get, check out the pinpoint forecasts at

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