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Let it Snow – But Don’t Cancel the Game

Screen Capture of the Snow Bowl :: Courtesy Deadspin

Screen Capture of the Snow Bowl :: Courtesy Deadspin

“Dad, have they ever canceled a game due to snow?” my son Max asked as we watched part of the Detroit Lions-Philadelphia Eagles game on Sunday. The snow was piled 8″ deep on the field and the grounds crew used leaf blowers to keep the yard lines and hash marks clear. It was quite a sight!

There were several NFL games affected (afflicted?) by snow last weekend, the most notorious being the game in Philly, which the Eagles won, 34-20. And that brings us back to Max’s question.

The NFL does not like to cancel or even postpone games. It has a 16 game schedule and the games would be hard to make up as teams typically get seven days off between games. And the TV networks would need to air a potentially meaningless game on, let’s say, a Tuesday, messing up their carefully crafted prime-time schedules.

A quick search shows that the league hasn’t cancelled a regular season game due to snow on the field in the “modern era” of pro football (since 1933). The NFL did cancel a game in 2010 due to a “snow emergency” in Philly. The league said that the stadium would have been ready but it would have been too difficult for the fans to get to the game.

Let’s see, the Super Bowl is in New Jersey on February 2. I’m rooting for snow.

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