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Snow or Not

The red, amoeba-shaped cloud mass over Portland headed toward the blue dot (my house in Sisters) is Central Oregon’s last chance for snow this season. Or at least I hope it is, as snow is possible into June.

The image is an infrared satellite picture taken about 4:30 pm on May 23. The red indicated cold cloud tops, which means that inclement weather is headed our way tonight. If we don’t get snow tonight I bet we’ve escaped it until next fall.

We’re forecasted to get pummeled by another low pressure system after Memorial Day, but it doesn’t look as big, cold or nasty as our current unwelcome intruder from the north.

The latest long-range forecast from the Climate Prediction Center is calling for below average temps and above average precip for the next week or two, so summer is still a ways off for the Northwest.

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