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SeventyAfter five months of 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, we finally hit 70 degrees yesterday in Sisters, Oregon. Our average high for the date is 60. Today we could hit 80, but I think we’ll top out in the upper 70s. Sounds like a great day to play 18!



The Weather Channel’s “Summer” Forecast

I say “summer” as about half the video discusses the outlook for May, not commonly thought of as a summer month (unless you’re in the southern tier of states, where average highs can be well into the 80s in May).

TWC is predicting well above normal temps for the drought-plagued high plains and West; the East and South will be warmer than normal as well. The only region of the country forecast to have below normal summer time temps is the Great Lakes. Storm Specialist Dr. Greg Postel said that while summer 2013 won’t be as hot as 2012, it will still exacerbate drought conditions in the West.

Neither Postel or Meteorologist Maria LaRosa mention the negative effect that a long, hotter than normal summer will have on fire conditions in the West.



Is Zeus the Caboose?

CPC OutlookFor those blissfully unaware of such things, The Weather Channel (TWC) started naming winter storms last year; their 26th named storm of the season is called Zeus. Residents of the snow- and cold-plagued northern Rockies and upper Midwest hope that Zeus is indeed the caboose of their seemingly endless 2012-13 winter season.

The forecast (and the calendar) offer hope, as Friday’s forecast high in Denver is 63 with upper 60s and lower 70s possible on the weekend, according to TWC. And today’s Climate Prediction Center one- to two-week forecast calls for above normal temps (orange shading) and average precipitation. It might not be time for sunblock, but it should be time to put away the snowblowers.